The Last In Line


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THE LAST IN LINE AVAILABLE NOW The Newest Single, complete with HD cover art. “I was paddling out at Malecon (Peru) one evening when I heard a local wail ‘¡El último! ¡Afuera!’, meaning… the last one – outside! The Last In Line! It was the last wave in a set of waves and it was epic. I did not catch that wave but a couple of my brothers and sisters did. Watching one of them gracefully drop in and arc up into the tube while screaming with joy blew a hole in my soul. Time stopped and I heard the tune. ‘Outside The Last In Line The Sun Still Shines And I’m Gonna Catch A Ride.’

“So many words started coursing through my head … the verses. I ultimately melded them together. All about Escaping The Rat Race … looking at life from another dimension, jumping off into the unknown. A true feeling that ultimately, everything would be alright. It hit me like that. All at once and it felt like a mixture of light, dark, acceptance and total celebration!”

“I was in Cusco the previous week and a legendary luthier named Sabino had just finished making a marimacho that would become one of my studio instruments. It’s a traditional Peruvian lute – similar to a bandurria and it sounds a bit like a mandolin. It has amazing lightening energy if you play it fast and gentle. I returned to my flat by the ocean that night and wrote ‘The Last In Line’ on the marimacho. We recorded the original tracks in Peru. David Leach and I finished the groove and vocals in Los Angeles. It was the first song finished on the record that would become the EP Turquoise. It happened so fast. Kind of like lightening, lifting from the strings of the marimacho with the roar of the ocean just outside my door. ‘The Last In Line’ feels like all of that.” Follow us on all major streaming services worldwide!

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